Yavneh Giving Voluntary Contributions

Yavneh Giving Voluntary Contributions are a voluntary contribution requested from all parents to support the school in providing more than just a basic education. At Yavneh Primary School we like to go above and beyond to deliver a wide range of opportunities but this has never been sustainable on the basic budget received from the government.

Parental Partnership is key and in order to continue to provide the outstanding educational opportunities that we do, we ask parents to support us by contributing £1600 per annum per child to this fund.

Donations can be made by way of monthly standing order, via ParentPay, or by cheque.  We are happy to accept charity cheques or payments via a salary sacrifice scheme if this is offered by your employer. If you would like to contribute by standing order, please complete and return the form below.   In order to pay via ParentPay please contact the Business Manager at businessmanager@yavnehcollege.org  who will arrange for this to be added to your ParentPay account.

Cheque payments should be sent to the school for the attention of the Business Manager.

As the donations made are made into our charity account we are able to claim gift aid on these donation.  Gift Aid is advantageous to the school if you are a UK tax payer.  Completing a gift aid form may mean that for every £1 contributed, the school may be able to reclaim up to an extra 28p.  A Gift Aid Declaration Form is below, we ask that you complete and return the form below if we can claim gift aid on your donations.

Your support is vital to our continued success.