Our curriculum is practical, meaningful, engaging and fun, enabling our children to be confident and happy learners.  We have a commitment to the highest expectations and good early years practice to ensure the highest standards for all.

Yavneh Primary school is a modern orthodox Jewish Free School which sets out to provide a vibrant, inclusive environment where all of our children make progress and all can find an area in which they can shine. At Yavneh Primary, our children will be imbued with the ethical and moral values of Jewish traditions, including good citizenship, volunteerism, mutual responsibility and positive relationships. We will foster a love of Judaism, pride in Jewish identity and a commitment to the Jewish people and Israel as well as actively engaging with the wider community in order to build a sense of self that includes and attends to the wellbeing of others and prepares our children to play an active role within a contemporary British society.

At Yavneh Primary School, children, parents and carers are valued partners in everything the school does. You, together with staff and governors, are central in helping us make sure learning comes alive every day for our children.

The best way to find out about our provision and facilities is to experience them! A visit to Yavneh Primary School will help you to appreciate more fully our very special atmosphere and learning environment.

Enjoy your virtual visit.

Caroline Field

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    pupils currently on roll

    We are excited to see our school develop and
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We will foster a love of Judaism and pride in Jewish identity 

C Field