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Israeli Dancing

March 2020

Yavneh Primary School is proud to have Israeli dancing as part of the curriculum as the benefits are immense.

The children gain respect for our Jewish and Israeli cultural identity. When the boys and girls dance, they are aware of the impact of the movement on their bodies and how regular activity is good for them. They have a sense of well- being and positivity as they learn more steps and sequencing. The pupils develop rhythm and musicality which reflects in their quality of movement. The children show good body controls, coordination, have poise and balance, and show fluency and accuracy in their movements. They can apply and adapt a wide range of skills and techniques effectively. As the young dancers become more confident, they will be encouraged to create their own dances to Israeli music, for example, a festival song which does not have a dance and explore compositional ideas. The children will evaluate and improve their performance whilst having a knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.

The children in Kitta Gimmel have already learnt many dances and Mrs Levy is getting them ready to participate in the KS2 Children’s Dance Festival in March. The children are really enjoying learning the new dances whilst having fun and exercising. Mrs Levy has designed a logo for the t-shirts they will be wearing.


For Tu’Bishvat, the Year Three classes split into groups and taught the dance, Tzadil Katamar to the children in the FS and KS1 classes. Everyone came together in Assembly and performed the dance altogether; it was so lovely to see!